Change can be tough
It can also lead to an empowered way of living

You likely came here because you are experiencing some kind of uncomfortable change. Whether it is personal, family or work related, changes are stressful and can lead to anxiety and depression. As difficult as your challenges are, there is also an opportunity to grow, become stronger and find your sense of meaning.

No matter where you are starting from, positive change and good mental wellbeing are within reach. I can help you get there with:

  • Personalized Sessions. One size does not fit all. I can respond to your unique needs, goals and learning style.
  • Holistic Approach. Mental wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit.
  • Flexibility. Our work can begin at any starting point.
  • Inclusivity. Understanding and appreciating clients' differences and similarities when developing an approach to treatment.

About Me

I am really glad you made it here. I'll bet you are wondering if I might be the right fit for you or how can I help?

Just like everyone else, I am no stranger to feeling stressed, stuck and overwhelmed. Personally, I have experienced big changes and difficult challenges in my own life over the years. Professionally, in my 30 years as a 'helping professional', I have witnessed all kinds of sorrow, distress and trauma. I have also seen incredible resilience when there is adversity and a person's' potential to create meaningful change - if one is open to it.

Having worked with diverse populations over the years, I have also learned to appreciate the richness of an individual’s background, lifestyle, identity and experiences. While your experience may not have been the same as mine, I understand that your growth requires looking at the world through your lens too.

More about me here

Who I work with


Caregivers & Helping Professionals

Issues we can work on

Personal Changes

It is not unusual to go through big life changes, whether positive or negative, and wonder what happened to the old you. This includes grief or loss, coping with a new or changing role, working through substance use or abuse, or just finding yourself again.

Environmental Changes

These changes involve the world around us and the power it holds in our lives. It's effects may come out during changes within our professional roles, or academic hurdles; cultural changes and relocation stress; collective trauma; and other external stresses beyond our control.

Developmental Changes

Transitional issues happen at all ages and stages of life. Issues might be related to LGBT+ matters, such as coming out, starting a transition or finding ways to support loved ones. Transitional issues also include managing mid-life stressors and challenges due to aging.

Emotional Changes

Some stressors cause emotional distress like: anxiety, depression, stress & burnout, low self-esteem and body image, and even trauma. Physical changes can also challenge your mental health. For example waiting a health diagnosis, coping with physical illness or chronic pain and reduced functioning, or even the normal aging process.

Relationship Changes

Managing relationship challenges such as communication, problems with sexuality & intimacy, conflict, co-dependence, or infidelity. Coping with changes in relationships due to separation or divorce, blending families, adoption and changes with the different stages in parenting.

Fees & Policies

Session Cost

A 50 minute session for an individual costs $140 + HST. I also offer longer 80 minute sessions for individuals when needed for $175 + HST. HST is fully recoverable for those clients with a business number charging HST and claiming it as professional development.

Benefit Coverage

I am a Registered Psychotherapist governed by the CRPO. Insurance coverage requires this for sessions to be covered. This is not the same as psychological services or psychotherapy with a Social Worker. Please check this closely.

Sliding Scale

I do offer a sliding scale with a few discounted slots for clients. This is something we would need to discuss and agree upon before you begin counselling. I try to do my best to accommodate clients and their financial situation.


I accept e-transfers, credit cards and cash for payment.


At times you may need to cancel or reschedule your session. Late cancellation fees will be applied to sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Let's get started

I want both of us to feel confident in our decision to work together.
If we aren't the right fit, I will be honest and suggest another therapist in the area.

For further information or to book an appointment, contact Kara at: